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Hampden Estate HLCF Classic

Intense, oaky and exotic, an authentic expression of Jamaican rum.

A definitely unique and exceptional rum. Made solely from the HLCF mark, it is the perfect bottle for connoisseurs and purists who enjoy intense and uncompromising tasting experiences.

This rum is marked by its power as shown by the 60% alcohol content. In spite of its strength, it remains refined and delicate, with toasty, woody and spicy aromas.

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic 1

How to Enjoy

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic: cocktails and servings

On the rocks, mixed in a classic cocktail or paired with seasonal ingredients for a creative mixology experience: discover the perfect ways to enjoy Hampden HLCF Classic.

hampden rock

Hampden On the Rocks

The slow dilution and lower temperature achieved by pouring HLCF Classic over a large piece of ice create the perfect conditions to fully experience the authentic flavours of high esters Jamaican rum.

hampden biscuit

Hampden Estate & Cookie

Try pairing with all sorts of of spiced, nutty and crunchy biscuits, like Jamaican chewy ginger cookies, for a gourmet experience.

hampden old fashioned

Hampden Old Fashioned

/ Ingredients
35 ml Hampden HLCF Classic
5 ml sugar syrup
10 ml still water
6 dashes aromatic bitter
2 sprays Essentia mandarino verde

/ Method
Stir all the ingredients in an old fashioned glass
Serve on the rocks
Garnish: dried orange slice

Authenticity from
the label to the glass.

Our pillars and heritage are featured on a fully transparent and detailed label.

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic 2
Hampden Estate HLCF Classic 3

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