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Hampden Estate 8 YO

Silky, smooth and tropical, from mixing to sipping, an extremely versatile rum.

Produced with unique and partly secret methods that have remained unchanged since the 18th century, this 8 year old rum is the flagship of the range, perfectly embodying the aromatic complexity and versatility that Hampden Estate is known for, making it a great allrounder for both sipping and mixing. It represents the quintessential expression of the Hampden Estate style.

The rum has been aged for 8 years in Jamaica in a tropical climate, which is equivalent to almost 25 years of maturation in the European climate.
The nose is voluptuous and intense, with notes of caramelised apple and sweet spices mixed with a delicate touch of smokiness.

Hampden Estate 8 YO 1

How to Enjoy

Hampden Estate 8 YO: cocktails and servings

On the rocks, mixed in a classic cocktail or paired with seasonal ingredients for a creative mixology experience: discover the perfect ways to enjoy Hampden 8 year old.

hampden neat

Hampden Neat

A generous old fashioned glass, a big cube of ice and nothing else.

hampden sour

Hampden Sour

/ Ingredients
40 ml Hampden Estate 8 YO
25 ml fresh citrus juice
15 ml sugar syrup
5 ml still water

/ Method
Shake & strain, straight up
Coupette glass or rocks
Garnish: lemon slice (fresh or dried).

hampden pineapple

Hampden & Pineapple

/ Ingredients
40 ml Hampden Estate 8 YO
60 ml fresh pineapple juice
Lime juice to taste
Sugar syrup to taste

/ Method
Build over ice
Highball glass
Garnish: slice of fresh or dried pineapple.

Authenticity from
the label to the glass.

Our pillars and heritage are featured on a fully transparent and detailed label.

Hampden Estate 8 YO 2
Hampden Estate 8 YO 3

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