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The five pillars of our historic distillery

The Five Pillars of Hampden Estate

Hampden is probably the best distillery in the world today and we base this affirmation on 5 objective and fundamental considerations, the “five pillars”.

01. Spring Water

Use of solely water flowing from a natural source in the different production stages.

Water used in the making of its rum washes is supplied not from underground aquifers but via its own mountain water collection system, and after use, returns only clean water to the earth.

02. Wild Fermentation

Extremely extended fermentation with natural yeasts.

Production follows techniques of the 18th century, creating a very high level of esters that give an unmistakable aromatic profile, unique in its genre.

03. Only Pot Still

100% Artisanal distillation in copper double retort pot stills.

Hampden Estate is one of the last surviving distilleries that still uses discontinuous distillation to produce its rums; it currently has five operational pot stills. The oldest is a John Dore, which was installed in 1960 and can contain 2,000 gallons (7,560 litres). Its impressive swan-like neck has earned it the nickname “the elephant”.
The distillation process takes around seven hours and the rum comes out at approximately 82° ABV.

04. Tropical Aging

Fully matured in the Tropics.

Both the spirits have aged for more than 7 years in Jamaica, in a tropical climate. This is equivalent to more or less 25 years ageing in Europe.

05. Sugar Free

Natural color and no added sugar in the rum.

Hampden’s pure single rums are produced, aged and bottled without any additives. No added sugar, tannins, caramel or glycerin: these rums are wholly genuine and authentic, with nothing artificial.