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Hampden Estate The Younger

Fresh, tasty and fruity, a vibrant expression of Hampden Estate.

Despite being aged for a shorter period of time, this 5 year-old Hampden packs a lot of personality and truly embodies the Hampden style.

Made from the LROK mark, created in 1952 and whose name stands for Light Rum Owen Kelly, The Younger combines the aromatic intensity given by the tropical aging and the freshness of a young, fruity rum.

It features notes of fresh pineapple juice, ripe tropical fruits and a spicy, peppery finish.

Hampden Estate The Younger 1

Another way to enjoy The Younger: the 3L flagon

Thanks to this generous format, The Younger can be shared and enjoyed in a festive and original way.

Authenticity from
the label to the glass.

Our pillars and heritage are featured on a fully transparent and detailed label.

Hampden Estate The Younger 2
Hampden Estate The Younger 3

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